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Pineapple Village


There are a lot of reasons to buy property in pineapple village.

  1. They are awesome
  2. They are affordable
  3. They are a great investment
  4.  You can keep art and other NFT items there
  5. You can rent them out or resell them right here on
  6. They give you access to play-to-earn racing where you can race or sponsor a professional racer for part of the profits.
  7. They give you access to MegaCity
  8. You can hang out with friends there

To purchase with ETH send the current market equivalent of $230 USD in ETH to the address below and we will send the NFT for the property to your wallet giving you full ownership and access. This is an ETH address. Do not send other cryptocurrencies



MegaCity | Pineapple Village | Pre-Sale

Pineapple Village is located in MegaCity

MegaCity is the main hub for the Ready4Player metaverse. It is where the majority of people will live, work, hang out, etc. It will have portals to many different play to earn games as well as tons of other kinds of experiences.

MegaCity will have its own self-sustaining economy built around its own currency that will be easily converted from other crypto or USD.

Once you purchase we can help you rent your property or resell it for a profit.


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