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Welcome To The Ready4Player Metaverse

A fully self-contained metaverse on its own blockchain. 

Get in on the pre-sale at a fraction of market value

Get in on the Pre-Sale for the R4P Token

Visit their website for more info on the R4P token

The 1st round of the Pre-Sale was a success! Make sure to follow the ready4Player social media and check the website for more dates and details. 

The R4P token will power the Ready4Player metaverse and can be used in the metaverse as currency and turned into USD like any other crypto.

What is the Ready4Player Metaverse?

The Ready4Player Metaverse is a fully self-contained metaverse, on its own blockchain, with its own economy, using its own proprietary technology. By the way, it looks amazing!

Why walk around in a pixilated box world when you can be in a near photo real environment designed in unreal engine 5.

This project is a special one. There’s an amazing investment opportunity in the R4P token, properties, and buildings. There are multiple play to earn gaming options that are state of the art with more being built every day. And there is a team behind it that is beyond impressive. This project has everything it needs to be a big name in the metaverse and crypto.

MegaCity | Pre-Sale

MegaCity is the main hub for the Ready4Player metaverse. It is where the majority of people will live, work, hang out, etc. It will have portals to many different play to earn games as well as tons of other kinds of experiences.

MegaCity will have its own self-sustaining economy built around the R4P token that will be easily converted from other crypto or USD.

Visit their website for more info on MegaCity and the Pre-Sale.

Buy Property In MegaCity at pre-sale prices

Get in on the pre-sale now. The prices will probably never be this low again on downtown metaverse property in Megacity

Lake Village House | Pre-Sale

Luxurious modern style house by the lake. The house comes with a beautiful 2000 mt2 land and a dock for yachts. The property can be used to build your home or business in the metaverse. You can even rent or sell it for profit here on

Pineapple Village | Pre-Sale

There are a lot of reasons to buy property in pineapple village.

  1. They are awesome
  2. They are affordable
  3. They are a great investment
  4.  You can keep art and other NFT items there
  5. You can rent them out or resell them right here on
  6. They give you access to the play to earn racing where you can race or sponsor a professional racer for part of the profits.
  7. They give you access to MagaCity
  8. You can hang out with friends there

Celebrity Village | Pre-Sale

Beautiful house in a celebrity town with a beautiful 10,000mt2 plot and a beautiful pool. The property can be used to build your metaverse home or business. You can even rent or sell it for profit right here on

Play To Earn Gaming And Investments

Ready4Player games and tokens will be accessible from PCs, video game consoles, and standalone devices.

Imagine going from your PC to your PlayStation, Xbox, or other systems seamlessly. That is what Ready4Player offers that no other metaverse is at this time.

Unreal Fruits | Pre-Sale

Unreal Fruits is part of the play to earn gaming aspect of the Ready4Player metaverse.

Easily accessible to and from MegaCity. Unreal Fruits is a great way to earn some money and have a great time in the metaverse.

Get Your Spaceship And Play To Earn Crypto!

Get your spaceship now to be a part of PLAY TO EARN racing inside the Unreal Fruits Metaverse

At around $55 a piece right now an Unreal Fruits spaceship might be the best buy in the metaverse




Get Your Alien Pear!

Alien Pears serve as the soldiers of their world. Highly skilled and aggressive.

Alien Pear #3

Alien Pear #4

Alien Pear #5

The Ready4Player metaverse is constantly expanding

The concept for the metaverse is new, and even though Ready4Player is leading the way in many regards there is still a long way to go. In fact, that is the great part about this metaverse. The opportunities and experiences will continue to grow, expand, and get better forever. So buying property now is an investing that will keep growing in many ways year over year.